Tuesday, July 29, 2014



I suppose an introduction of some kind is in order, and here it is: 

So, why am I starting a blog/writing?  Short answer: I want to do something creative, and this is it.  Why do I want to do something creative?  Well, to put it simply: I happen to have been born rather intelligent.  I’m not bragging; it might have been a curse as much as a gift.  From an early age, it became obvious that I was a smart kid.  I learned to read and write far younger than normal; I could do math really well; I had a large vocabulary for my age, that sort of stuff.  Unfortunately, this also meant that before I even knew what a college was, everyone decided that I was going to end up getting a degree in something very brain-intensive, like engineering or medicine or something along those lines.  Having been constantly raised with this assumption, I never saw any need to question it.  Besides, I liked science.  I liked art class, too, but classes like that were always second-class classes (pun possibly intended).  Even elementary school was quietly implying to me that the concrete stuff like science and math were what mattered.  I still had quite a creative streak in my free time.  I loved to draw; my bedroom would be littered with sketches.  (Too bad my drawing ability probably peaked by age 10…)  I’d write stories in little composition notebooks.  I’d amaze adults patient enough to listen with my ability to say… look at a broom for a few seconds and imagine a massive detailed back story for it and why it’s at war with the mop.  I’m sure if we could have afforded a video camera, I’d have been trying to make movies.  Of course, this creativity always remained something I saw as a leisure activity as opposed to some kind of calling.  As I got into high school, and the pressure to cut out extraneous pursuits and focus on one’s chosen life’s work set in (you know: that choice you make having barely experienced life), my creative side became progressively eclipsed.  So for a long time my creativity was limited merely to me sitting and imagining various things while my main gig was being a human computer.  I plowed through college and grad school without any real trouble and now have an M.S. in psychology.  (I suppose the fact that I switched from harder science to psychology as an undergrad might have been an early attempt to be more than just a computer.)  Problem is, while that human computer side certainly is still a part of me (my favorite thing to do in grad school was freaking statistical analysis of research data!), my creative side has been ever more forcefully reasserting itself over the last year or so.  Granted, this creative side hasn’t had any real development for years, but it’s better late than never.  So: what is to be done?  In the immediate future, drawing is out; I’d need to take classes first.   

I hope to one day draw as well as the cavemen.

I love listening to music, but I have no musical training.  Writing, however, seems possible, so that’s why you’re reading this.  I can’t really predict the range of topics that I might post about in this blog; just about anything could appear.  While I’ve questioned the viability of science as an actual career for me, I still find most scientific things interesting, so there will probably be stuff about science.  Conversely, there might also be a post about something as random as what would happen if a group of hungry Klingons showed up at T.G.I. Friday’s.  (My wife and I managed to have a 20 minute conversation about that when we recently ate at a Friday’s.) 

So to sum it up:  I want some form of creative self expression in my life, and this is it.  Given that this is an introduction, I guess I can introduce myself, too.  Well:  My name is Anthony.  I’m in my late 20s.  I’m married.  I have no kids.  I like Chinese food.  That’s good enough for now.  You’ll probably learn more about me as I write in this blog.


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