Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mini-Post: Bond's Balls

Title Picture: Columbia Pictures

I saw Casino Royale recently.  I’ve never been a close follower of the James Bond franchise.  As I understand it, the earlier movies were more about fancy gadgets and making love to double entendres, whereas the newer Bond movies since Casino Royale are a bit grittier and down to Earth.  Works for me; I don’t think the earlier stuff would have interested me as much, but I liked Casino Royale.  It worked well as an action movie, and then there was this little gem of a scene:

Columbia Pictures

In it, Bond is tortured by a rather unique method:  He’s stripped naked and tied to a chair which has most of the seat cut out.  Hannibal then proceeds to swing a rope with a weight at the end into Bond’s 007s repeatedly in order to get information out of him.  A bit after 2:20 in the video, Bond complains of having a little itch “down there.”  Dr. Lecter, always the good host, whacks that area.  Bond tells Hannibal to go to the right, which he does, at which point Bond starts cracking up and telling Hannibal that now the whole world will know he died scratching Bond’s balls!

I imagine this scene is old news to many, as the movie came out in 2006, but… I freaking love this!  As far as great ways to stand up to torture and interrogation go this one’s definitely high on the list.  I hope it makes your Wednesday as good as it’s making mine.

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