Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mini-Post: I Wish All Movies Were R-Rated


I wish all movies were rated R.  (Note that I’m referring to the rating system employed by the United States.  If you’re from a different country: substitute R with whatever rating(s) your country considers to be not meant for children.)  When Talia and I are about to watch a movie that I haven’t seen before, I am without a doubt most excited and interested if it’s R-rated.  This preference doesn’t arise solely from a desire to see violence, blood, and nudity.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with those.)  Also, while I’m generally not a fan of censorship, my preference for R-rated movies isn’t based only on that principle, though it is related.

Basically, the way I see it: R-rated movies are more interesting since they have the greatest range of possibilities.  Granted, many movies are predictable based on their genre, or the person who directed them, etc.  However, if there’s little to no restriction on what a movie can show, I always feel that technically just about anything could happen.  That’s more interesting to me.  Conversely, if a movie is rated PG-13, I know that certain plot twists simply aren’t possible.  So-or-so character’s head isn’t going to suddenly explode.  A gang of naked people on motorcycles aren’t going to ride in and cause havoc.  You get the picture. 

I admit I rarely bother with PG or G-rated movies, as yes… a movie’s probably going to be more interesting to me if there’s profanity and/or a body count.  It’s not like body counts are everything, though.  Plenty of modern PG-13-rated movies have tons of people getting killed; they just show little to no blood.  If even a drop of blood or a single bare breast make it into a movie, though: instant R.

I briefly wondered if I might just be happier if there was simply no movie rating system, as I feel that same sense of open-ended interest if a movie is unrated or NC-17.  Overall however, I’d say I’m still glad that there is a rating system.  Just as worried parents know to avoid taking their kids to R-rated movies, I know to avoid G-rated movies since they’ll probably put me in a coma.

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