Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mini-Post: Millennials And Smartphones 

Title Photo Credit: Tomwsulcer

People rely on smartphones a lot these days.  They allow us to check our e-mail from a variety of decidedly un-computerized places, watch Game of Thrones on the toilet, and ensure that many people are never really free from their jobs.  Some people complain that we’re too attached to our technology.  Inevitably, this takes the form of younger people being singled out by (generally) older people for being on their smartphones constantly.

Yes, it can be a little annoying when someone is too attached to their device or tries to use an app for just about anything.  At this point, however, I’m much more annoyed by holier-than-thou snobs lamenting the death of dinnertime whenever they see a millennial check a smartphone at a restaurant.  At least the smartphone people are quiet.

And really, let’s be honest:  How often does a group of people actually remain on their phone for the entire meal?  It’s certainly possible, but I have never personally seen it happen.  A moment where everyone at a table is checking their e-mail or social networking is a temporary situation.  You know what happens after that?  Conversation.  Dinnertime is saved. 

Hell, it’s entirely possible that someone using their phone or tablet at a restaurant is doing something productive.  Someone else chin-wagging at them for it probably isn’t.

On a final note, I’ll leave you with this lovely little comic that my wife found:

UPDATE 6/29/2015:  My wife found some more pertinent art on Tumblr.  The following link shows some art that was originally drawn apparently to criticize peoples' overuse of technology, including smartphones.  Scroll down, and you'll see word bubbles added by someone else which completely reverse the pictures' meanings.  It makes some good points, like how smartphones and tablets can facilitate communication instead of strangling it.


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